One of the things people love about stamping is the simplicity of the experience.

If you have stamps, ink, and cardstock, then with just a few minutes, you can make something satisfyingly beautiful with your own hands - use our samples for inspiration.

For two of today’s samples (the My Heart Is Wherever You Are card and the Happy Birthday card), you’ll notice that we’ve used a simple technique called stamping off. It’s a fun, easy way to get good looks and visual depth in seconds.

Here’s what you do:

  • Ink a stamp.

  • Stamp the image.

  • Re-stamp the image one or more times without re-inking.

This technique helps you get several shades of color from a single ink pad.

(Quick tip: Use lighter ink for the base image and darker ink for the overlying image.)

For the Oh Baby card, we used another basic trick to create an easy-to-make project. First, we stamped the image of the lacy heart to create a simple frame, then adhered the stamped, punched out heart piece. Done! You could make tons of cards like this by the time you finish your morning coffee. It’s that easy.

Have fun simple stamping!